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The best ways to spend Valentine’s in London

  • Monday September 25th 2023
  • Big City Saver
  • Valentine's Day, Secret London, Romance

A couple enjoying the look of fish at Sea Life London Aquarium

The best Valentine’s Day ideas in London

• Introduction: Best activities for Valentine’s Day in London

• Start the evening with a bang

• Over the top Valentine’s Day ideas in London

• Valentine’s Day in London FAQs

Introduction: Best activities for Valentine’s Day in London

If we’ve learnt anything from the nation’s fine collection of British romantic comedies, the city of London is a place for love, romance, and grand gestures. So, for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration, it’s time to put away the chocolates and the flowers and start thinking big. Fortunately, the metropolis that is London plays host to a variety of activities and events that are ideal for someone trying to pull off that perfect romantic moment.

Start the evening with a bang

If you’re going to do Valentine’s Day right this year, you must start as you mean to go on. So, here are four ways to start your evening off with a bang.

1. Champagne and city lights at the London Eye

Is there anything more romantic than champagne, chocolates and the beauty of the London skyline in the early evening? Many would argue that there really isn’t, which is why one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas we could find was a special ride on the London Eye. Equally as romantic (and breathtaking) in the day and a modern classic by all estimations, the London Eye is sure to make an impression, whether you’re fledging lovers or celebrating the wonderful decades you’ve shared together. To make this evening really special, we think that you’ll need to book either a champagne experience or a ride in Cupid’s Pod, which comes with a glass of chilled Pommery Brut Royal Champagne (served by a dedicated host), a luxury box of Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles, a private pod and Fast Track boarding through a dedicated entrance, so you can skip the line if it’s too busy. The London Eye closes at 20:30, so this is really an ideal way to start your romantic Valentine’s Day evening.



2. A Romantic Cruise across the River Thames

Valentine’s Day is a day for big gestures and grand declarations of love. And what’s bigger or a more classically romantic gesture than a cruise across a river? A truly unique way to see all of London’s most famous sights (basking in the glow of the setting sun), a guided tour atop the River Thames is a great way to start your evening of romance. Seeing as you might be at the London Eye already, you could take their award-winning 40-minute sightseeing cruise, which departs a minute’s walk away. Aboard their boat, the Silver Bonito, you’ll enjoy some live commentary presented by expert guides, covered and sun deck seating, and a route departing from the London Eye to Tower Bridge and back. The boat is also fully accessible, has full disabled access to both decks and can carry up to 250 passengers at any one time. Audio commentary is also available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin.

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3. A Chocolate Making Class for Two

Is there any food that says love, passion and romance better than chocolate? We all know there’s not, which is why the next romantic activity on our list of Valentine’s Day ideas is a luxurious chocolate-making class for two. Spend your afternoon/evening learning about the art of chocolate making from a master chocolatier. From decorating and dipping truffles to chocolate martinis (and maybe a glass of prosecco or two), you’ll enjoy the ultimate sugar kick as you create some truly tempting treats. And best of all, you’ll have the chance to take everything you make home with you, so you can enjoy the chocolate you made together a little later. There are a variety of chocolate-making classes across London that are held on Valentine’s Day, with some starting earlier than others, so make sure to double-check your reservation before you go.

4. A Valentine’s Day Dinner with Flare

If you’ve decided to have dinner as your Valentine’s Day evening event, it’s important to add a bit of flare; it is the most romantic day of the year, after all. Although there are many world-famous restaurants to choose from in London, we recommend going with something really special and different this Valentine’s Day: Sketch. Sketch is a collection of bespoke restaurants and bars all housed in one building. Consisting of four restaurants, one dedicated bar and a shop, this experience is a feast for the eyes as much as the mouth. You can start by taking a cocktail in the enchanted kingdom setting of The Glade or the cosier Parlour with ‘Louis XV’ seating. You then have your choice between trying modern dishes in a room conceived of by Turner Prize nominated artist David Shrigley called The Gallery or the three Michelin-starred Lecture Room & Library, which has tasting and a la carte menus designed by leading French chef Pierre Gagnaire.

Over the top Valentine’s Day ideas in London

There’s no better place to make the romantic gesture that’s going to sweep your Valentine off their feet than an event in the heart of London’s nightlife. Below are three of the best over-the-top Valentine’s Day activities that will do just that.

1. A Night of Passion at the Opera or the Ballet

Nothing quite says over the top or romance than a stunning tale of love and passion at the opera or the ballet. Fortunately, London plays host to two of the greatest venues in the world for both of those, the Royal Opera House (located in the beautiful Covent Garden) and The London Coliseum. In both, you’ll find world-class opera and ballet, including performances from the English National Opera Company, the Royal Opera House Orchestra, the Royal Opera, the Royal Ballet and a range of both classical and new ballet performances to wow and excite. For something a little extra special at the Royal Opera House, it is possible to take a behind-the-scenes tour and find out about the history of the venue (you might also see the Royal Ballet rehearsing). Remember to book in advance, as Valentine’s Day is a busy time for both venues.

2. An Immersive Theatrical Dinner

As you’re looking for something really over the top this Valentine’s Day, how does an award-winning murder mystery theatrical dinner with a menu designed by a MasterChef winner sound? If your answer is exciting and perfect for my over-the-top Valentine’s Day, then maybe you and your special someone should book a ticket for ‘The Murdér Express Part Deux -Jewel Of The Empire’. With a four-course meal and a range of cocktails to accompany you on your faux train ride, this immersive dining experience is something that you and your partner won’t forget in a hurry. And remember, all is not as it seems on the mysterious Murdér Express train…everybody is a suspect, even you.

3. A Sleepover at One of London’s World-Famous Museums

What could be more romantic or over the top than falling asleep, hand in hand with your loved one, surrounded by rows of Egyptian tombs, the greatest inventions from throughout history or a giant prehistoric dinosaur skeleton? That’s why we recommend one of the many sleepover opportunities at some of London’s world-famous museums this Valentine’s Day. From the National History Museum to the British Museum, get cosy and enjoy collections of monster movies, musical performances, the occasional pub quiz, lectures from some of the nation’s finest scientific minds, stand-up comedy and much, much more. Be aware; tickets for these events sell out fast, especially on Valentine’s Day, so you should buy well in advance.


Valentine’s Day in London FAQs

Yes, the people of London absolutely celebrate Valentine’s Day. London is considered to be one of the world’s most romantic cities because there is so much to do on Valentine’s Day. Favourites include a trip on the London Eye, a cruise on the River Thames and a walk through Kew Gardens.

If you want to make your Valentine’s Day extra special, then we recommend you do something big. Ideas for grand gestures on Valentine’s Day include a ticket to the Royal Opera or Royal Ballet in London, a bespoke private ride on the London Eye or even a cruise across the River Thames.

For some good Valentine’s Day activities in London, we recommend a sightseeing cruise along the River Thames or an intimate ride on the London Eye with some champagne and chocolates, followed by dinner at one of London’s famous restaurants (and maybe a show in London’s West End).

As London is one of the UK’s most romantic cities, there are plenty of things to do on Valentine’s Day. Some of the best ideas include an intimate ride on the London Eye (with champagne and chocolates), a walk through one of the Royal Parks or a cruise on the River Thames.